World’s Largest Land Vehicles

Human mind can’t comprehend world’s largest land vehicles. Maybe is sounds strange but these machines move despite of their huge weight.

In the video below you will see 3 huge vehicles:

1. NASA Crawler Transporter. 2.8 million kilograms, 40 meters length and 35 meter wide. Built in 1965 at a cost of 14 million USD dollars. This amazing machine has 8 000 engines. This machine already gone 3 400 miles distance.

2. Big Bertha. It’s the largest tunnel boring machine which was built at a cost of 80 million dollars. It’s diameter is 77.5 ft.

3. Bagger 293. Built in 1995 in Western Germany is the largest machine in the World. Powered by enough electricity to sustain a medium sized town. The cost of machine is 100 million dollars and it’s top speed is 0.9 kilometers per hour.

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