Brutally Laughable Comics For People Who Like Black Comedy

If you like dark humor then you must continue reading this article. I want to introduce to you an artist  Mr. Lovenstein, aka J. L. Westover. He draws humorous comics with the most unexpected endings. Mr. Lovenstein draws everything from pets to funny situations. I am sure that people who like black comedy will have good time going though this. Scroll down find your your favorite comics.



Rescue Goat Polly Calms Down In The Duck Costume

Goat Polly is a blind animal having neurological problems and severe underweight. Poor animal was suffering from anxiety. Luckily her owner found a decision to curb anxiety. The solution is unexpected but it works great. It is duck costume that changed the goat’s life forever. The owner says that as soon as he puts costume on Polly, she just instantly gets calm.



Handsome Dudes Changes Concept Of Older Men

Men like to say that they are like wine – the older they are the better they become. Dummy Frog collected a a number of amazing dudes over 50 years old. I am sure the photos will change your concept of older men. If these men are not better than they were in their 20s or 30s then I would say that they ar enot worse too.