In The Near Future Every American Will Be Micro Chipped

It sounds like a movie plot. But it seems that it will become truth. Project creators say that it will be a revolution in our society.

I believe that it will definitely  change out lives. For example there will be no more real money, wallets, discount cards, driving license and etc. All this information will be stored in a small chip that will be fit in your body.

It sounds really great and futuristic. Project creators say that there will be no thefts because everything will be stored in small electronic schema. But who knows, maybe there will be possibility to hack your chip?

Moreover what will be the effect on your body and health? Any electronic device has an impact on human body and this device will be in your body forever.

Finally what about washing your body? Does this chip will need batteries? There are so many unanswered questions.

There is a propaganda ad about RFID chip.

I like technologies and new things. But I don’t like this one. Maybe I am too old but maybe this time technology goes too far.

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