How Addictive We Are: Smartphones Removed From Photos

Most of the people became attached to their smartphones and tablets. Every minute they check for new emails, browse social media apps, like and comments posts, events, photos and videos. There is a sense that you must be contactable every minute. Sometimes it could be a message from your client or boss (even after your working hours). Moreover it could be just dummy comments on your Facebook and you feel that you must reply them.

Photographer Eric Pickersgill from The University of North Carolina released a project Removed. The goal of the project is to show how strongly people are attached to their devices and how these devices their life.


Eric said that he was inspired to do the project by the family he saw in cafe. Father and two of his daughters were sitting and watching their smartphones. Mother was the only one without smartphone, she was just sadly watching out the window. This family looked so disconnected, they were not talking at all to each other. They had their separate life on their social media channels.


The interesting thing is that social media and smartphones were created to connect people. But is some cases these technologies did the opposite.







The worst thing is that this ‘always connected’ culture is passed to younger generations. Kids become interested only in games on phones and they less and less go play to the yard.

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