Amazing Science Gifs With Explanations

#1 Magnetic Putty
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Most of us have played with thinking putty in our childhood. Owing to it’s viscoelastic properties it could be poured like a liquid but at the same time also bounced like a solid. In our case an iron oxide powder is added. The iron oxide will make the entire substance react to magnetic forces. So you need a simple magnet (like the sphere above) and your putty will act like it has a mind of its own.



How Addictive We Are: Smartphones Removed From Photos

Most of the people became attached to their smartphones and tablets. Every minute they check for new emails, browse social media apps, like and comments posts, events, photos and videos. There is a sense that you must be contactable every minute. Sometimes it could be a message from your client or boss (even after your working hours). Moreover it could be just dummy comments on your Facebook and you feel that you must reply them.