Storks Doing Parkour

Most of you will say that storks and parkour have nothing in common. You may think that it is a mistake or just a crazy nonsense. Look at the image bellow and think on the same question again. Yes, you are right, it is not nonsense, you see real stork doing parkour in a forest. I hope you got interested in and you will follow the article because I can assure that you will be amazed a little bit for sure.


I will start from the first feat. The stork does complex stunt – he jumps on a tree trunk and than rolls down on the ground. This trick could look simple for a single man but in our case it is done by a stork. It is amazing! Isn’t it? Moreover it is a good start to warm up before the grand show.

Another trick was found in Oslo in 2009 by a teenager boy who was only 14 at that time. The stunt should be done in a forest and the goal of a parkourist is to jump over a stump. Our storks improved this stunt doing it together using the same stump at the same time. I guess you know that doing tricks on the same object by several persons is in particular dangerous in parkour, it could be done only by experienced and professional parkourists. The more dangerous thick the more interesting is to watch it.


It is well known that parkour is an activity of a city. Our storks broke this stereotype and did it in a forest. The third stunt is climbing to a tree. It is a tribute to nature. It requires the assistance of a partner. So partners must trust each other and do it without any simple mistake. I am glad that storks did this step complete confidence and without any mistakes.


The last trick is as usually the best stunt. The first stork sits in the tree while another one stands on his arms and lifts up his legs. It could look funny but it is difficult feat which requires good physical condition by both parkourists.


Concluding we see that the World is very various and different. Before reading this article you probably couldn’t believe that storks can do such a crazy activity like parkour. I am sure that it is a good lesson for all of us to understand that everyone can do almost everything if he has a big will to do it.