“Virgin Rainbow” – Most Valuable Gem In The World

Amazing stone has been found in South Australia. It is rare opal which lies deep in the Earth, more than 3 miles deep. For the dazzling palette of colors and its ability to refract light this opal was called “Virgin Rainbow”. It is worth more than a million dollars and it’s impossible to buy it on the market. As other opals, it’s comprised from water and silica.  This opal was formed millions of years ago from the opalized fossils of marine dinosaurs.



Powerful Video Changing View About Death

If you would recall back to times when humans in your life have died, you would feel an odd sense of hurt and a sense of fear. In that moment you have to accept the fact that you will never see them again. If you would express this feeling to others they would tell you “that’s life, accept it.” In those moments you realize how difficult it is for our society to truly understand and accept death.