Lapland Is A Magical Place To Visit

Lapland is a magical place to visit in winter. If you like sky full of stars, wild reindeers, dazzling northern lights, small little huts covered with snow and beautiful nature then Lapland is a perfect place to celebrate Christmas. Don’t forget that Lapland is the home of Santa Claus.



Weird Festival In Indonesia, Corpses Are Dug Up And Paraded In Public

Indonesian island of Sulawesi is famous for it’s festival Ma’nene. It happens once in three years, the corpses are dug up, dressed in new clothes and paraded around the streets.

Ma’nene festival dates back over a hundred years, after a local hunter Pong Rumasek, stumbled across a corpse whilst travelling in the mountains. The legend says that Ramasek then dressed the corpse in his own clothes, and buried him, which, in turn, brought him good luck.