Cat Reunites With Child After 3 Days Apart

Most of you think that cats are not so friendly and loving. Some of you even could say that cats are jerks and you better prefer to dogs who are more lovely and friendly pets. There are many stories about bad behaving cats, doing crazy dirty tricks even for their owners.

I would like to show you completely different face of a cat. Could you believe that cat could be affectionate, sweet and adorable? And this is not the moment when your kitty is hungry and you have something tasty in your hands.


Our hero – cat Dora. She didn’t see her friend Luke for only 3 days. But Dora didn’t want to wait for sleeping boy till the morning, she wanted to play with boy immediately now. To tell the truth such expression of love I saw for the first time. Dora tried to wake up Luke, it touched his face with her paw, fawned upon Luke’s body, purred beside him and even got on the boy. Luke was still sleeping and Dora decided to put her head on his face. It is amazing expression of love and longing for boy.

You may say that this cat is different from all cat;s family. I would agree but I can also say that all cats are different. But believe me that all of them have gentleness deep inside, owner just have to let her express it. Children is a perfect object to show other face of a cat.

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