Coke Impact on Your Body

Probably you have already heard about the damage effect of Coke or other fizzy drinks. In this article I will describe what happens to our bodies in one hour after we drink 1 can of coke.

First of all you should know that 1 can of coke contains 35 grams of sugar. So it is 7 teaspoons of sugar. And it is only in one can.


First 10 minutes

As I mentioned before 7 teaspoons of sugar hits you body. You should know that it is more than daily recommended intake. If you take it as simple sugar you probably vomit it after 4-5 teaspoon. But coke contains some acids which helps to avoid this vomit.

After 20 minutes

After 20 minutes from drinking a can of coke your body blood sugar goes up, as a result you get insulin burst. Most of people don’t know that our livers changes sugar to fat. This is the reason why most of people who drink lots of coke are fat.

After 30 minutes

Your blood pressure continues to rise. And your body continues the absorption of caffeine.

After 40 minutes

Dopamine is produced in your system and it stimulates your pleasure centers. The interesting fact that heroin works in completely the same way.

After 50 minutes

Coke contains acids which approximately after 50 minutes bins magnesium, calcium and zinc in lower intestine. AsĀ  a result it generates another boost in metabolism.

After 1 hour

Now time to play caffeine as diuretic. First of all you want to pee. This way you loose important chemicals like calcium, zinc and magnesium.

I hope this article and info-graphic will be a big reason for you to quit drinking Coke and other drinks having lots of sugar. In particular important is to save your children from these fizzy drinks because small children get new habits in young years. It’s like building a house, if you have good base then it is easier to build all the house.

Please share this article to your friends and keep them safe from this unhealthy product.