Anti-Assault Ring GO Guarded Is Perfect Self Defense Tool For Women

Women like small and light things. And if these things look beautiful they love them so much. Most of the women hate heavy and┬áthreatening self defense tools. The main and probably the only reason is that these tools don’t look womanlike.

I happy to announce you that there is a solution to the problem. It’s anti-assault ring called Go Guarded. It’s small and light. You should just fit it on your finger. And the most important thing for women – it looks beautiful. Designers even made it pink to be it completely womanlike defense tool.

Moreover Go Guarded is also very effective tool. Any punch to attacker could be very painful and effective. Woman doesn’t have to be specially trained or prepared to use it she just have to slip it on her finger and she is prepared for the defense.

Go Guarded still waits for the patent. Moreover this tool could be forbidden in many countries. Police says that it could cause bigger injuries than knuckleduster (in many countries knuckleduster is forbidden to have).

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