Amazing Science Gifs With Explanations

#1 Magnetic Putty
Amazing gifs

Most of us have played with thinking putty in our childhood. Owing to it’s viscoelastic properties it could be poured like a liquid but at the same time also bounced like a solid. In our case an iron oxide powder is added. The iron oxide will make the entire substance react to magnetic forces. So you need a simple magnet (like the sphere above) and your putty will act like it has a mind of its own.

#2 Quantum Locking
Amazing gifs

The puck is a regular wafer coated with a half micrometer veneer of superconductor (it is a material that can conduct electricity or transport electrons from one atom to another with no resistance) and the edge of the table is a magnet. Superconductors conduct electrical currents with zero resistance when cooled to extreme temperature. You may wonder about levitation. It is possible thanks to flux pinning (quantum locking). Superconductors have zero electrical resistance. These materials always want to expel magnetic fields from themselves.

#3 Slinky Falling in Slow Motion
Amazing gifs

It is simply a spring. Slinky is stretched and at the same moment tension tries to pull it back towards a collapsed state. As it’s tension occurs symmetrically, spring pulls all ends towards the center. In our case it is dropped vertically, the bottom end is trying to fall down, but at the same time tension acts in the opposite direction, so the bottom of the spring remains stationary.

Source: Explanation on YouTube.

#4 Fishing Under Ice

As you see air bubbles all down, this is because divers are actually walking upside down on the underside of the ice on a frozen lake. How is it possible? Divers inflate their gear with air, which increases their buoyancy and makes them go up. A little fine tuning, and they can simulate gravity upside down. Source: Fishing Under Ice

#5 Water Printing
More about water printing

#6 Watermelon Exploded By Rubber Bands
Amazing gifs

Video on YouTube

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